Black Scholars and Professionals minister to graduate students, professional students, and faculty through local campus fellowships. Our activities on campus include:

  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Mentoring
  • Small Groups
  • Retreats
  • Outreach
  • Social Events
  • Personal and Professional Advising

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The vision of Black Scholars and Professionals is to see a generation of African Americans and people of African descent who are graduate students, faculty, and/or professionals being transformed by Christ, being renewed in their academic pursuits or professional lives, and becoming agents of transformation within the African American community, the church, and the world.

This will be done through the following eight items:

  1. Spiritual Formation among graduate students, faculty, and professionals given the unique pressures and challenges that they face in their lives and families.
  2. Ethnic Integrity within the context of situations where they are tempted to deny the reality of who they are in their ethnicity, and yet being able to relate constructively within a very diverse ethnic environment.
  3. Academic and Professional Integration where they will be able to think through the implications of their academic or their professional lives and relate it to their faith in Christ and commitment to Scripture. It is important to establish the linkage between faith and their work.
  4. Church Participation so that they can be ministered to in a sensitive way by their local churches, as well as bring their own training as a resource for the growth and development of the church. In short, churches that know how to minister to them, as well as provide opportunities for them to minister.
  5. Connect graduate and professional students with communities and global mission work. It is important to make a commitment to their ethnic communities by relevant contributions to these societies.
  6. We seek authentic reconciliation among scholars of African descent of the diaspora.
  7. Partnership and collaboration with other ethnic communities as well as visible unity with the larger Christian community.
  8. Collaboration with other professional associations so that we may share resources, gain mentoring, and increase networks.